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Social-Emotional Learning for Schools

Two by Two® believes that it is essential that social-emotional learning lessons are created and implemented as carefully and thoughtfully as academic education. In the last decade, findings show that effective social-emotional learning supports and enhances the academic goals of schools and youth settings, thus, developing character leads to increased student achievement. [1]

The Two by Two® Mission – developing responsible citizens of strong character who care for, respect and appreciate people, animals and the environment – leads us to the belief that citizens of strong character will not only recognize and embrace core values through our programming, but will act upon and synthesize these values into their daily lives. Teaching these core values, so desperately needed in today’s society, has fallen into the hands of those who work with children.

By using our thoughtfully constructed programs and resources listed below, children will grow up to flood the world with kindness!

1 Marvin Berkowitz, Ph. D, and Melinda Bier, Ph. D, What WORKS in Character EDUCATION: A research-driven guide for educators (Character Education Partnership).

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