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Board of Directors

Two by Two® Character Development is committed to growing responsible citizens of strong character who care for, respect, and appreciate people, animals, and the environment.  Our Board of Directors embrace this mission and each bring their own unique talents to the table.  Learn more about these dedicated people below!

Executive Committee

Shane Burtzlaff 


Shane is a Sales Manager at the Anderson-Weber Toyota dealership in Dubuque.

"Two-by-Two is an incredible organization. It teaches young kids core values and skills that are not explicitly taught in schools, but are desperately needed. The program teaches and reinforces these values in an exciting and engaging way – all in an effort to cultivate a kinder, more empathetic generation."

Ryan Kilburg

Vice President

Ryan is the IT Project Manager at A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing in Dubuque.

"Two by Two is a program that I was able to experience through my twins while they attended Hoover Elementary School. I could see the joy they felt being responsible with the stuffed animal and what it represented. Two by Two matched the character values that we instill in our home. My wife being an educator in the school district believes in the Two by Two program and see the results that encourage children to become better people. I look forward to continuing the mission of Two by Two as a board member and being part of the successful leadership that has taken it this far."

Meggan Heacock


Meggan is a Senior Vice President of Finance at
Dupaco Community Credit Union.

"Two by Two Character Education is committed to teaching children core values to be responsible and respectful citizens. The programs provide educators the tools they need to incorporate character education into their daily routine. Two by Two’s mission aligns with my personal beliefs in raising children in today’s society and into the future."

Rick Fullmer


Rick is a D.A.R.E. officer for the Dubuque Police Department.

"Two by Two Character Development is a program that reaches the heart. By instilling core values Two by Two inspires all of us to do good in the world and our world is hungry for people of good character. I’m incredibly optimistic that these values will shape what kids believe and how they act now and, in the future, to make our world a better place."

Wendy Knight

Past President

Wendy is the Founder and Collaborative Strategist for Focus Forward.

"In a world of constant change, there is no better organization to help build character for the future."

Board of Directors

Amy Errthum


Amy Errthum is the Director of Marketing at Clarke University.

"I am excited to be a member of the Two by Two team because now, more than ever, we need to provide our nation’s youth with the tools and resources to be: fair, kind, respectful, responsible, emphatic, cooperative, and purposeful citizens, ultimately leading to a better tomorrow."

Susan Hess


Susan is an Attorney and Shareholder at Hammer Law Firm, PLC in Dubuque.

"I am passionate about children and animals: Both share valuable lessons - not only with each other, but also with “grown-ups.” Two by Two programing brings children and animals together to develop and build important character traits that result in a positive impact for our future."

Jane Kuhle


Jane is a Owner/Human Resources & Business Consultant at ALZ, LLC.

"I am beyond excited to be a member of the Two by Two organization. I became aware of this organization when my daughter was in second grade, and I loved the core values she was taught. This program is so important for our future generation, and having our children learn to be empathetic and kind will only make this world a better place."

Amy Printz


Amy is a Senior Marketing Consultant at Heartland Financial USA.

"I chose to be apart of the Two by Two team because a dear friend and mentor who is a life-long educator and supporter of Two by Two spoke very highly of the organization. I fell in love with their mission, vision, and values. I wanted to a part of an organization who has a direct impact of our community and that is Two by Two through and through."

Justina Reisch


Justina is a Retail Banker at Premier Bank.

“As a mother to four children in the Dubuque Community School system, whom have all completed the Two by Two class, my family has experienced firsthand the wonderful skills the Two by Two program has to offer. I truly believe that we need to instill the strong character of peace, love and understanding in the world and learning the responsibility of animal care. It opens so many important social and emotional tools to children as they grow.”

JJ Rupprecht


JJ is the General Manager at Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

"In this day and age where information is so readily available, it’s our responsibility to provide positive information that can influence others decisions for the better. The Two by Two program does that!"

Katie Schueller


Katie is the AVP of Financial Reporting & Analysis at Dupaco Community Credit Union.

“The importance of instilling compassion, hard work, and respect in today’s children is essential in creating strong values as they grow to be successful adults, and Two by Two does just that. I’m grateful to be part of an organization with such a strong mission that supports child development.“

Matt Theisen


Matt is the Commercial Sales Manager at Theisen’s Supply, Inc.

“I choose to be part of the Two by Two team because I believe in the mission. I feel strongly that Two by Two helps develop positive character traits in children that will transfer into adulthood, benefiting not only the individual but the communities they are involved in.”

Stephanie Vondal


Stephanie has been a teacher in the Dubuque Community School District for the last twelve years.

 "One of my most favorite parts of being a teacher is having Two by Two in our classrooms. This program teaches our students the foundational skills of good character. Getting back to the basics of teaching respect, responsibility, and empathy through engaging lessons is fun to be a part of. The students absolutely love this program and look forward to this from the very beginning of the school year. With the lessons learned during Two by Two, our students will go on with the skills they need to be successful in their futures."

Kristin Woodward-Vaassen

Director and Founder

Kristin is the Director of Business and Curriculum Development and Founder of Two by Two Character Development.

"I am so proud to lead the Two by Two Team! As a teacher, I taught my students to be kindhearted and now, through Two by Two's social-emotional programming, the message of kindness is being taught to thousands of students! A special shout-out to the current and past board members: It is because of YOU that Two by Two's mission is reaching so many students and making such a needed impact. Thank you for your leadership and support!"