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What We Do

All Two by Two Curriculum and Resources are Constructed Around 3 Components

ENGAGING INSTRUCTION (the head or knowledge component)
As teachers, we know that our role is to create engaging, hands-on activities that serve as fertile ground for knowledge to take root.

ANIMALS (the heart piece)
Having animals as an integral part of each program sets children up to immediately experience empathy and becomes the direct pathway to a child’s heart. A quote from the National PTA in 1933 captures this in a simple, yet profound way: “Children taught to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals, become more just, kind, and considerate in their relationships with each other.”

8 CORE VALUES (Fairness, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, Cooperation, Perseverance and Citizenship)
Throughout each Two by Two program, children are consistently immersed in the recognition, understanding, and practice of the same eight core values, which develop and serve as a moral compass, sending children into a more positive direction.