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Printable Visuals

For Ages:  4-11
Setting:  For schools, youth settings, and families

Need a little sprucing up or colorful reminders of how we should treat each other in your educational setting or at home? Order your Two by Two Character Development posters, banners, and MORE! The ability to print on any size makes these visuals an easy, customized way to jazz up YOUR educational setting or the front of your refrigerator. Affordable downloads available today!

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Why visuals?

Repetition is key to learning, and colorful, visual reminders are an easy way to keep good character at the forefront of children's minds. Whether it's in gym class, during a math lesson, walking through the hallways, or on the bathroom mirror at home, character isn't just reserved for Two by Two programming!  Remind your children that having good character traits is beyond learning in your educational setting ... it's throughout your day, every day!

Repetition is the mother of learning, the father of action, which makes it the architect of accomplishment.

Zig Zaglar | Author and Motivational Speaker

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