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Curricular Connection

Recipe for Empathy


Showing empathy toward all living creatures should be as easy as making a PIE!


The learners will write a recipe using a mathematical word problem and mathematical vocabulary to explain how they can be empathetic toward people, animals, and the environment. 


  • Students will work with a partner.
  • Partners will create a recipe for empathy.
  • The students will write the recipe using a mathematical word problem and a standard unit of measurement.


An Empathy Pie

7 cups helpfulness + 2 tablespoons generosity + 1 cup reliability = Empathy

Directions: Mix
7 cups helpfulness: I will help with pet duties for a whole week.
2 tablespoons generosity: I will do two nice things for someone.
1 cup reliability: I will turn off my bedroom lights daily.

Bake at 325° for 40 minutes.

Serves: An Empathy Pie for 8

  • Conclude by having a Recipe Exchange and share the different recipes for empathy!

ASCA: Grade 2, C:C2.3 Learn to work cooperatively with others as a team member.

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