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Community Meeting

You’re My Kind of Kind!


  • Draw a T-Chart on chart paper or a dry erase board.

Greeting Objective

The learners will share one way they were kind to someone or other living things in their greeting. (How they were “my kind of kind!”)


  • Students sit in a circle.
  • Students volunteer or are selected to share.

Use the following format:

Kristin: Kristin says, “I was kind to my dog by taking him for an extra walk.”

Class Response: “Good morning Kristin. You’re my kind of kind!”

  • The greeting continues until all have been greeted.

“You’re My Kind of Kind” T-Chart Activity

Engagement Objective

The learners will record names of people and how they were kind to people, animals, and the environment on a T-Chart.


  • Draw a T-Chart on a large piece of chart paper.
  • Students will suggest a person’s name for the teacher to write on the chart whenever they see a classmate being kind, throughout the day, week, or month.
NameAction (How the person was kind.)
BrandonHelped Susie by explaining a math problem to her.


Finish up your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day. Then end with this friendly reminder:
Let’s be on the look-out for kind acts today!

Family Connection

Send home a copy of a “Family Kindness.” Encourage families to record ways family members are kind at home. Charts can be hung on refrigerators or bulletin boards.

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ASCA: Grade K, PS:A2.8 Learn how to make and keep friends.

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