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Now One Foot, Now the Other


Tomie dePaola


When Grandfather has a stroke, little Bobby helps him relearn many of the things that he taught Bobby as a toddler. Reading this book will demonstrate the impact acts of kindness have on both the young and elderly.

Character Education Focus:

  • Supporting and encouraging others demonstrates kindness.
  • Kindness is intergenerational.

Reading Objective:


  • Verbally identify ways the two main characters, Bob and Bobby, helped one another in a kind way.
  • Record sequence of events. (Use the provided sequence building block tower graphic organizer.) Start at the bottom and build the
           sequence of events to the top. On the first tower list when Bob taught Bobby, then on the second tower list when Bobby taught Bob.)


Reading Objectives:

  • The learners will illustrate acts of kindness.
  • Use “building block” template. Download template here.
  • Using one tower, students illustrate how they were kind to others.
  • Using the second tower, students illustrate how others were kind to them.
  • Compare the height of towers.
  • Which is higher, their acts of kindness or actions toward them? Towers may be ongoing—adding to towers as “acts of kindness are
           received or noticed” in the classroom/school.

Writing Objectives:

  • The learners will create kindness cards and/or pictures for people in nursing homes or hospitals.

Reading Objectives:

  • The learners will describe/identify the special relationship between Bob and Bobby. Discuss similar relationships students have with
           someone and how that shows “kindness.”
  • The learners will discuss the meaning of “stroke.” Share stories of family members or friends that have had strokes or other health
            issues, and ways to show kindness to people who have some kind of health issue/ disability.

ASCA: PS:A1.2 Identify values, attitudes, and beliefs.

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