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Community Meeting

Pick A Voice


  • A soft ball
  • Sheet/blanket
  • Stopwatch

Greeting Objective

The learners will decide on a “voice” with which they would like the class to greet them while maintaining self-control.


  • Students sit in a circle.
  • One student begins and decides what kind of voice they would like the class to greet them with (i.e., scary, whisper, baby,
           mouse, opera).
  • This could become a very silly greeting. Reinforce the importance of having fun, but still be in control of our behavior.

Use the following format:

Nathan: “My name is Nathan and I would like you to greet me in an alien voice.”
Class (in an alien voice): “Good morning, Nathan.”

  • Continue greeting until all students have been greeted in the type of voice they choose.

Ball Control, Self-Control

(Great game to share with the P.E. teacher!)

Engagement Objective

The learners will practice maintaining self-control while playing the “Ball Control, Self-Control” game. Students will see how staying in control of yourself helps you be a respectful citizen.


  • Discuss the importance of having self-control.
  • Explain to students that they will be playing a game called “Ball Control, Self-Control.”
  • The object of the game is to keep the ball bouncing in the sheet/blanket as long as possible, while maintaining self-control.
  • They will be timed and will attempt to improve their time.
  • Using one sheet/blanket, have each student hold on to a part of the edge.
  • Begin by placing a soft ball in the middle of the sheet/blanket.
  • Begin bouncing the ball, but try to see how long you can keep the ball from falling onto the floor. (As the students get more excited,
           they start to “lose control” and the ball falls. This is a great point to discuss the meaning of “self-control.”)
  • Try the activity again and keep timing. When the ball falls, stop the clock.
  • Start again, trying to stay in control so the class improves their time.
  • Conclude by discussing the importance of keeping control of one’s self compared to keeping control of the ball. Also, discuss how self-
           control allows people to be respectful citizens. (i.e., respectful citizens accomplish more because they work well with others and stay


End your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

Family Connection

Send home directions for “Ball Control, Self-Control” game. Encourage families to discuss the importance of self-control and how respectful citizens must have self-control. Families could make a list of ways to have self-control at home.

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ASCA: Grade K, PS:A1.1 Develop positive attitudes toward self as a unique and worthy person.

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