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Community Meeting

Kindly Greeting


  • Odakotah
  • Kindness Calendar template download calendar here

Greeting Objective

The learners will greet each other in a kind way.


  • Explain that when someone is talking, listening and using eye contact is so important and is the kind thing to do.
  • Gather children on the floor, along with Odakotah, so he can listen and watch for good eye contact, designate a place in
           the circle to begin.
  • The child who is greeting will stand up and so will the child to his right.
  • They will face each other and follow this procedure, using good listening and eye contact:

Use the following format:

Anna: “Hi Spencer!”
Spencer: “Hi Anna!”
Anna: “What did you do last night (or over the weekend)?”
Spencer: “I had a soccer game.”
Anna: “Did you win?”
Spencer: “Yes!”
Anna: “That’s cool!”

  • Be sure to monitor and encourage appropriate eye contact. Have Odakotah cheer!
  • Spencer and the child next to him will face each other and complete the greeting, and continue in this way until all have
           been greeted.

The Kindness Calendar

Engagement Objective

The learners will generate a list of kind acts and create goals to achieve these acts.


  • Using Odakotah to facilitate this discussion, begin brainstorming kind acts that could be easily achieved in in the learning
            environment, throughout the center/school or outdoors. Help children to remember that kindness can be extended to people,
            animals and the environment and have Odakotah encourage ideas for all three categories.
  • Write the kind acts on a calendar/chart (you may use the provided Kindness calendar template).
  • Discuss ways to remember to check the calendar and complete the kind act.
  • When a kind act has been performed from the chart, mark it with a sticker or star.
  • Celebrate completing the kindness calendar with a simple celebration.
  • Make a list of ways they can see, hear, and show kindness to all living things on a T-Chart.


End your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

Family Connection

Send home a copy of the Kindness Calendar.

ASCA: Grade K, A:A1.2 Take pride in work and achievement.

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