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Community Meeting

What Does Kindness Look Like?


  • Book: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud

Greeting Objective

The learners will greet each student through a kindness chant.


  • One student stands in the center of the circle.
  • Students walk in a circle around one student who is in the middle of the circle and recites the “What Does
           Kindness Look Like?” poem.

Use the following format:

Class: “What does kindness look like? It looks like me and you. It’s not just something that we say, it’s something that we do. Good Morning Sasha.”

  • Once greeted, the student steps out of the circle and the next student goes in.
  • Continue until all students have been greeted.

Note: Greeting may be done in a circle, with partners, or small groups.

Have You Filled A Bucket Today?

(This activity can be split into two community meetings.)

Engagement Objective

The learners will listen to the story, Have You Filled a Bucket Today? and discuss and share examples of how to fill someone else’s bucket.


  • Read the story, Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. (This would be an appropriate place to stop for the first lesson, if 
  • Ask the students to imagine a bucket.
  • When people say/do nice things, our buckets fill. When they say/do things that are not nice, our buckets empty.
  • What can you say/do to fill someone else’s bucket?
  • What can others say/do to take out of your bucket?
  • Introduce a class bucket that can be filled/emptied as acts of kindness are demonstrated.
  • Discuss what types of things will help to fill the bucket and what types of things will empty the bucket. (i.e., fill bucket: Give someone 
           a compliment; empty bucket: cut in line.)
  • When the bucket is filled, you may want to display the “fillings” of the bucket on a bulletin board.
  • This activity can be ongoing throughout the year.


End your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

Family Connection

Send home the title of the book, Have You Filled A Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud and the letter titled "What Does Kindness Look Like?" which includes directions on “filling a family bucket.” Encourage families to fill each other’s buckets and display contents on the refrigerator or on a special bulletin board.

Download Letter

ASCA: Grade K, PS:A2.8 Learn how to make and keep friends.

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