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Community Meeting

Show A Little Kindness

Greeting Objective

The learners will greet each other with kindness by expressing that they are glad their classmates are at school today.


  • Students sit in a circle.
  • Students chant the greeting while keeping a steady beat.
  • Start with one student and continue around the circle.

Use the following format:

Class: “Good Morning Jenny, we’re glad you’re here today. You’ll show a little kindness in what you do and say.”

Continue until all students are greeted. (Pass Odakotah around to each child as they are greeted.)

Kindness on Stage

Engagement Objective

The learners will act out how they are kind to others.


  • Students sit facing a “stage.”
  • Decide who will be the first two students to go on the stage.
  • The first student stands next to the “stage” and says:
            “When I am being kind, I ___________.” (i.e., smile at people, help them)
  • The student fills in the blank by saying something they do to show kindness to others.
  • The second student acts out a short pantomime of what the first student said. Continue until everyone has a
           chance to be on “stage.” (Students could use Odakotah to help them act out the kindness scene.)
  • Remind students that they should watch for ways that people are kind by what they say (verbal) and what
           they do (nonverbal).

Hint: Teacher could also provide examples of kindness and have both students act out.


End your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

Family Connection

Send home directions for the “Kindness on Stage” activity. Encourage families to model acts of kindness on their “home stage.”

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ASCA: Grade K, PS:A2.7 Know that communication involves speaking, listening and nonverbal behavior

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