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Curricular Connection

Respect Our Earth by Giving Back


  • Book: Why Should I Protect Nature?  by Jen Green (or any book that discusses why we need to protect the earth)
  • One plastic glove per child
  • Garbage bag to put litter in

Science/Social Studies

Hands-on activities teach children how to be respectful for the earth.


The learners will search around the school yard to pick up litter as a way of showing respect and giving back to the earth for all it gives to us.


Read the story, Why Should I Protect Nature?  by Jen Green. (This is one book in a series of four about the environment. In this book, children will become aware that they can hurt things in nature, but yet do simple things to help protect it.)

After the story:

  • Discuss what the children in the story were doing that hurt the earth (nature).
  • Brainstorm and list ideas children could do to “give back” and show respect for all the earth has given us. (i.e., conserve water by not
           letting it run, turn off lights when they aren’t in use, pick up litter to keep the earth beautiful, etc. Incorporate the word respect when
           discussing the care of the earth.)
  • Tell students they will get the opportunity to show respect and give back to the earth for all it gives us.

Explain that they will get a plastic glove for one hand and they will go on a “litter hunt” around the school. Stress to students that by doing just this one activity, they will be showing respect and giving the earth back something: its beauty!

ASCA: Grade K, A:A1.3 Take pride in work and achievement.

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