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Curricular Connection

Adopt A Tree


Understanding how to care for a tree helps us understand how to be respectful to not only the environment, but to each other.


The learners will understand how to respect nature by measuring, investigating, and observing a living tree.


After reading the book “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein, the students will discuss the examples of respect displayed throughout the book. The class will then select a tree on the school grounds or neighborhood to adopt as a class tree. They will then pledge to be the protector/caretaker for the tree.

Suggested protector/caretaker roles: Students will patrol the tree area to ensure the safety of the tree, water if necessary, rake leaves, pick up litter or debris, and provide support, if a young tree.

With this tree, the class may do a variety of science activities:

  • Observe throughout the seasons by recording observations through student illustrations.
  • Observe and record physical characteristics of the tree:
  • Bark—size, color, texture
  • Leaves—size, color, shape
  • Height—compare to other physical objects such as slide, school building, another tree, etc.
  • Measure circumference of tree trunk (beginning and end of year)

This data may be collected and displayed in a 3-ringed binder and placed in the science station/center.

For Fun: Take class picture by tree.


The learners will adopt a tree in their own yard or neighborhood and do similar science activities.

ASCA: Grade K, A:A1.2 Display a positive interest in learning.

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