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Curricular Connection

Five “Handy” Kindness Rules

Social Studies

We are a more caring and kind society when we follow rules.


The learners will generate a classroom list of kindness rules.


The teacher and the students, will brainstorm a list of kindness rules for the classroom. From this list the class will select the top five “handy” kindness rules. Once the list has been established, the teacher creates a hand template with the rules written on each finger. The handprints may be displayed in a variety of ways.

  • Large—classroom size
  • Small—desk size
  • Bulletin board idea—oversized handprint, large enough to hold all of the individual students’ hand-prints (painted or construction


Social Studies Objectives:

  • The learners will generate a list of kindness rules for the environment. (Display on leaves around the room.)
  • The learners will generate a list of kindness rules for animals. (Display on paw-prints around the room.)

ASCA: Grade K, A:A1.5 Identify attitudes and behaviors that lead to successful learning.

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