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Curricular Connection

Kindness Through Math Story Problems


  • Small cubes or counters to work out the story problem
  • Kindness story problems (See story problems below.)


Focusing on acts of kindness for people, animals, and the environment through math word problems, help people recognize and perform real acts of kindness.


The learners will solve a variety of math story problems, explain how they solved them, and determine what act of kindness occurred in the story problem.


The teacher will read off one story problem at a time. Students use cubes to show the problem. Ask individual students to give their answer to the problem, explain how they figured out the answer, and describe what act of kindness occurred in the story problem.

Conclude the lesson by comparing the acts of kindness in the word problems to REAL kind acts they do for people, animals, and the environment.

ASCA: Grade K, A:A1.2 Display a positive interest in learning.


  • One day, a little girl noticed 4 small puppies running down the side of her backyard. She quickly ran after them and noticed there were 2 more puppies running behind her. She remembered that her neighbor’s dog had just had puppies. She ran to shut the gate so they would not run out of the yard and into the street.
          - How many puppies did the little girl see running down the side of her backyard?
          - How did the little girl show kindness?

  • The kindergarten students were collecting cans from their grandparents to bring to the recycling center. They knew this showed respect for the earth and that it was a kind thing to do, as their grandparents weren’t always able to get to a recycling center. They had collected 4 the first day and 6 the next day.
           - How many cans did they have after 2 days?
           - How did the kindergarten students show kindness?

  • A young boy opened his lunchbox and counted 7 strawberries. He smiled because he remembered that his mom told him she was putting in 7 of his most favorite fruits. A friend sitting next to him said he loved strawberries but his mom told him they were too expensive to buy right now. So the young boy gave his friend 3 of his strawberries. He had 7 and gave 3 of them away.
          - How many strawberries did the young boy have left?
          - How did the young boy show kindness to his friend?

  • A dog and his master were playing Frisbee in the park one day. The master would throw different colored Frisbees and the dog would catch them and bring them back to his master. The master had thrown 3 blue Frisbees, 3 red Frisbees, and 3 yellow Frisbees. When the dog was bringing back the last Frisbee he noticed his master was lying on the ground. The dog tried to push his master with his snout, but the master was not moving. The dog ran and barked at someone else who was playing at the park. That person ran with the dog back to where his master was lying on the ground. An ambulance came soon after that and the paramedics helped the master sit up and breathe easier. He was going to be fine now.
          - How many Frisbees did the master throw to his dog? 
          - What kindness did the dog show for his master?

  • On a small horse farm, a boy was in charge of brushing 2 horses and cleaning up the stables each day. He knew this was an important job because horses loved to be brushed and it also kept them healthy. One day, as he was brushing one of the horses, he was dreaming and thinking about getting more horses. He knew it would mean more work, but he truly loved them. The very next day his dream came true. His farm was given 3 more horses.
          - How many horses did the boy have on his farm now?
          - What kindness did the boy show the horses?

  • A group of students decided as a class project that they wanted to show kindness to the neighbors whose houses surrounded their school yard. They had noticed that some children were littering and dropping candy and food wrappers as they walked home from school. So the students took a garbage bag and picked up all the litter around the neighborhood. When they returned to the classroom, they looked at the litter they had found. There were 3 gum wrappers, 2 plastic bags, and 4 pieces of paper.
          - How much litter, all together, did they find in the neighborhood?
          - What kindness did the children show for the neighbors around the school?

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