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Be Good to Eddie Lee


Virginia Fleming


On the first day of summer vacation, Christy follows her friend, Jim Bud, to a nearby pond, looking for something to do. When Eddie Lee, a child with Down syndrome, follows them, Christy tells him to stay home, and Jim Bud tries to chase him away. Only when Eddie Lee leads the girls to a hidden place to show her frog eggs and water lilies does she fully grasp that everyone is special and has unique, individual gifts. The value of accepting individual differences and showing empathy and respect for others is clearly demonstrated in this book.

Character Education Focus:

  • Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.
  • Do unto others as you would like done to you.

Reading Objective:


  • take on the role of Eddie Lee and describe three ways they would feel if they were left out and/or treated unfairly. Use the lily pad organizer to list ideas provided here.


Reading Objective: The learners will:

  • describe how Jim Bud’s actions and hurtful words affected Eddie Lee’s feelings when he was left out.
  • describe how Christy’s feelings about Eddie Lee changed the outcome of the story.

(The lily pad organizer may also be used to share student’s thoughts.)

Writing Objective: The learners will pretend they are Eddie Lee and write about how they would feel if they weren’t included by other children, like in the story. Was it right for Jim Bud and Christy to leave Eddie Lee out? Why or why not?

ASCA: Grade 3, PS:A1.6 Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

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