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Curricular Connection

Responsibility BINGO


  • Responsibility BINGO Card - Click here to download 

Social Studies/Writing

It is important to be aware and follow through on your responsibilities.


The learners will:

  • list different ways he/she will be responsible with different groups of people and in different environments on BINGO cards. (Use blank BINGO card provided.)
  • find classmates that are responsible in similar ways while play Responsibility BINGO.


Students are given a blank Responsibility BINGO card. Next, students list several ways they are responsible at school, home, with friends, with animals, and outside on a BINGO card. (i.e., a student might write under School: follow rules or keep desk clean).

Example of a BINGO card:

                       B                            I                              N                                  G                            O

    With Friends

With AnimalsOutside


NOTE: Students may list the Topics: School, Home, With Friends, With Animals, Outside in any order at the top of the card. Once cards are individually filled out, the teacher begins the BINGO game. Students walk around the classroom trying to find other classmates that have the same or similar answers listed under the card topics (School, Home, With Friends, With Animals, Outside). If so, they initial each other’s boxes and move on until a student has BINGO! (A BINGO card may be a winner when four corners are filled, full card filled, going in a diagonal direction, or up and down. Teacher makes that call!) When someone shouts RESPONSIBILITY BINGO, the student shares their marked card by telling which classmates do similar responsibilities.


Writing Objective: The learners will write a descriptive paragraph about one responsibility topic (School, Home, With Friends, With Animals, or Outside), including details from their BINGO card. 

ASCA: Grade 2, PS:A1.9 Demonstrate cooperative behavior in groups.

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