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Curricular Connection

Follow the Rules

Social Studies
(Great lesson for the beginning of the year)

Being a responsible person means you know and follow society’s rules.


The learners will:

  • identify the rules within a game.
  • understand it is their responsibility to know and follow the rules.
  • create and/or reevaluate a set of classroom rules.


  • The teacher will begin by using the game of baseball as an example. (Or any other popular game that the students may like.) 
  • The teacher will ask the students how to play the game and how do they know this information.
  • Next, the teacher will ask the students what rules they follow during the game. 
  • Tie in how it is the responsibility of the players and umpires to make sure that the rules are followed because if they are not, conflict can arise.
  • From this, the students and the teacher will create a list of rules to “play by” in their classroom. If the classroom already has a set of rules, the class may revisit them and their importance at this time.

Hint: Maybe a rule needs to be added to the classroom rules for a particular time of the year. Also, if you are starting “centers” or “stations,” you may want to set some specific rules.

  • Conclude by emphasizing that it is their responsibility to know and understand the rules.

ASCA: Grade 1, A:A2.4 Apply knowledge and learning styles to positively influence school performance.

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