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1st Grade - Respect & Responsibility
1st Grade - Respect & Responsibility
1st Grade - Respect & Responsibility

Toolkit of Character

1st Grade - Respect & Responsibility

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Two by Two® Toolkits of Character provide educators with cutting edge strategies that infuse positive character traits throughout the day, EVERY DAY!

The First Grade Toolkit focuses on the character traits of respect and responsibility.

Lessons are based on the American School Counselor Association Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success benchmarks and meet CORE Curriculum standards.

The Two by Two® Toolkit of Character for Grade 1 includes:

  • 30 Community Meeting Lesson Sheets

  • 10 Literature Link Lesson Sheets

  • 5 Curricular Connection Lesson Sheets

  • 6 Cheers, Songs, and Poems Lesson Sheets

  • 2 Character Mascot Puppets

  • Online Access to the Two by Two® Toolkit Educator Resource Materials