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Annual Video Subscription ONLY

Kindhearted Kids

Annual Video Subscription ONLY


NOW online learners may participate in the Kindhearted Kids Program virtually!  Children will learn how to use the core values of Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, and Empathy through the care of a stuffed cat or dog. Social emotional learning skills easily take root, as children are captivated by their pet, igniting their imagination, hearts, and attention in a magical way! 

The subscription includes:

  • 3 introductory videos - One for the teacher, parent, and student
  • 5 Lesson Videos 

This is a great option if you already have the Kindhearted Kids Educator Kit and would like to include online learning.  It is also a great way to learn HOW TO TEACH the lessons in-person. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This annual subscription begins July 1st and expires on June 30th of the following year.  It may be renewed each year.  ONLY one subscription per school needed!  **Student Kits are sold separately.**