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Curricular Connection

Persevering Despite Disabilities


  • Jim Abbott: He Beat the Odds book


Persevering even when the odds are against you.


The learners will research ways people and animals with disabilities persevere through different challenges.


  • Students will select a disability that they would like to research (i.e., cerebral palsy, mental handicaps, deaf, blind, etc.).
  • While they are researching, students will list their findings on the following T-Chart.

Persevering with a Disability:

  • If possible, the students could interview someone with their selected disability or a person that has a pet with a disability.
  • Students will present their findings in a creative way (poster, paper, PowerPoint, etc.) to the class.


Reading Objective: 

  • The learners will read the story, Jim Abbot: He Beat the Odds. On a three column chart, list ways Jim responded to the following: living without a right hand, ways he cooperated to learn new skills, and the ways he showed respect to others.

ASCA: Grade 4, PS:A1.2 Identify values, attitudes and beliefs.

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