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Pet Legacy Program

Honor your beloved pet by sharing your memories to help others

The Two by Two® Pet Legacy Program is a beautiful and extraordinary opportunity to share your cat or dog's life with a child. When you enroll in the Pet Legacy Program, your pet will become part of the Kindhearted Kids Character Education Program, which helps children ages 7-9 build strong character and become better citizens. 

Pet Legacies are available for 1 year, 3 years, or Forever. These options signify the amount of time that your pet will be in the Kindhearted Kids Program as one of Two by Two's "adoptable pets." If you choose 1 or 3 years, you will have the option to renew your legacy. The Forever Legacy remains in the program FOREVER, no renewal needed! 


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What to Expect

ENVISION... a 2nd grader excitedly opening up a cardboard pet carrier to find an adorable stuffed dog or cat that resembles YOUR furry friend peering up at them! With awe, they quickly open their Pet Journal to learn all about YOUR cat or dog! 

Throughout the next five weeks, this child takes on the role of a pet parent and practices being responsible, respectful, and appreciative of their new pet (YOUR PET!), other animals, and each other. 

The goal for each child is to become a compassionate, responsible, and empathetic person who respects all living creatures. 

It is so neat to see how excited the kids are to get their pets from Two by Two. For some kids, this may be as close as they get to the joy of a real pet of their own, and it is such a unique way for them to experience kindness and compassion. It was also a very cool way for me to share the memory of my 'once in a lifetime pet,' Grover.

Dr. Joan McCleary | Dubuque Veterinarian

About Kindhearted Kids

The Two by Two® Kindhearted Kids Program is a memorable program that helps children understand what it means to be a person of good character and involves a child's all-time favorite topic: animals. 

The Kindhearted Kids Program gives educators a complete five-week curriculum that puts core value lessons into action by connecting both the hearts and minds of children. Over the course of the program, children care for a stuffed dog or cat to practice being kind, responsible, and respectful to people, animals, and the environment. 

Lesson 1

What It Means to Be Kind

Students learn how to become kind, respectful, and responsible Kindhearted Kids by caring for a stuffed dog or cat.



Becoming Responsible

Students learn ways to be responsible while being a helping hand.


Lesson 3

Recognizing Good Decisions

Students learn how to make good decisions by learning how to be an empathetic thinker.



Becoming Empathetic

Students practice how to be empathetic to all living things.



Becoming Good Citizens

Students learn how to be responsible citizens and demonstrate leadership.


In compliance with

American School Counselor Association

National Education Standards

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