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The Kindness Quilt


Nancy Elizabeth Wallace


The story begins with Mrs. Bloom reading Aesop’s The Lion and the Mouse to her students. After discussing it, she instructs them to perform an act of kindness, draw a picture of it, and then share the details about it with the class. Minna performs many acts of kindness and cannot decide which one to use for her project. She decides to create a quilt featuring a number of them. Her classmates love the idea and continue to piece together a classroom patchwork. The enthusiasm then spreads to the whole school. As the project grows, so does the quilt, taking over a bulletin board and moving onto a hallway wall.

Character Education Focus:

  • By performing an act of kindness for someone the acts of kindness become contagious to others.

Reading Objective:


  • List all of the acts of kindness throughout the book, from the lion and the mouse to the students in Mrs. Bloom’s class.
  • Design a class or individual kindness quilt.


Reading Objective: The learners will retell the story and encourage others to create kindness quilts.


  • Students act as “student ambassadors” and visit other classrooms in the school, retelling the story and showing their quilt(s). Encourage each classroom to create their own quilts, with the end goal being a “school-wide” kindness quilt.

ASCA: Grade K, A:A1.3 Take pride in work and achievement.

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