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Kindhearted Kids Partnership

Sponsor a Kindhearted Kid with YOUR Gift!

Please consider becoming a Kindhearted Kids Partner for the 2020-21 school year. Your partnership will help us deliver this impactful program to over 2,000 students in our community at no charge.

For example, a gift of $500 covers the cost of Kindhearted Kids materials for an ENTIRE classroom!

$1,000 - Partner of Responsibility

Provides Kindhearted Kids Programming Materials for

$500 - Partner of Respect

Provides Kindhearted Kids Programming materials for AN ENTIRE CLASSROOM! 

$250 - Partner of Kindness

Provides a Kindhearted Kids materials for 15 STUDENTS! 

$100 - Partner of Fairness

Provides Kindhearted Kids materials for 4 STUDENTS!

Why Two by Two?