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For Ages 7-9

Kindhearted Kids Make a Difference

For Ages:  6-11
Program Length:  Year-Long Program
Setting:  Youth Settings

Calling all child care providers who work with children in before/after-school settings, camps, church groups, and many more youth settings!  Here is a year-long program dedicated to the eight core values of Fairness, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, Cooperation, Perseverance, and Citizenship that is sure to grow lasting character in your children. Each core value is laid out into five easy-to-deliver lessons, full of engaging and active activities!  Also, quality literature is present in each lesson to provide examples and great discussion around the core values. Eight animal mascots, specific to a core value, will easily capture children's hearts and cheer them on to become kindhearted citizens. Begin today to sow the seeds of character in your children!

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How does it fit academically?

The Two by Two® Kindhearted Kids Make A Difference Program was created for children ages 6-11 to implement social/emotional learning skills into before/after-school settings, community programs, and other structured youth setting environments. The program is based on the Council On Accreditation (COA) Standards for After School and Youth Development—focusing especially on positive relationships, choices, self-efficacy, and engagement—and the Department of Human Services (DHS) Guidelines and Quality Ratings System—focusing on Activity Program Requirements.

Year Long Program:
- Educator Manual with 5 lessons per core value (40 total)
- 8 core value mascot puppets
- Access to Two by Two® online resource materials 
- Participant animal carrier containing a core value "finger puppet" to match the large mascot puppet - Sold Separately

Individual Core Value Program:
- Educator Manual with 5 lessons
- 1 core value mascot puppet
- Access to Two by Two® online resource materials
 - Participant animal carrier containing a core value "finger puppet" to match the large mascot puppet - Sold Separately

Character Mascots

Meet your after-school animal mascots who will help focus attention,
break down barriers, and spark fun and imaginative play. Each mascot represents a character trait based on Native American Legends.

 CLICK ON each mascot to hear their electrifying voice, bringing the curriculum to life!

















It is wonderful! We just finished the Fairness unit. We purchased the supporting literature and have really enjoyed the activities and discussions and are getting ready to move to the next unit. We have implemented it at just one school for now, but it's getting a great response and parents love that we are adding it to our programming.

Daveni Hill | Anna Springs Close Greenway Camps

FLYERS Assessment Coordinator
Greenway Headquarters

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