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Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler


Margery Cuyler


  • One heart-shaped piece of paper per student


Mrs. Ruler is frustrated with her kindergarten class. They have been acting out all week, so she reminds them “kindness is cooler” and challenges each student to perform five acts of kindness. Most of the class catches on quickly; only David seems to have trouble internalizing Mrs. Ruler’s maxim that “a slice of nice makes a mile of smile.” Eventually, even David finds a way to be good, rescuing the class’s gerbils during a harrowing escape. Especially useful is the list of the 100 acts of kindness at the end of the book, which will get kids started and fuel their own ideas.

Character Education Focus:

  • There are numerous ways to demonstrate kindness.

Reading Objective:


  • Discuss the acts of kindness performed by the students in Mrs. Ruler’s class.
  • Write or draw their own acts of kindness on heart-shaped pieces of paper.

HINT: You may want to use this book near the 100th day of school.


Math Objective: 
The learners will use a 100’s chart to count and skip count.

Collect the heart-shaped acts of kindness (from reading objective) and display on a class size 100’s chart. As items are collected and placed on 100’s chart, practice counting/skip counting.

Social Studies Objective:
The learners will discuss concepts of being kind to people (family, school), animals, and the environment.

Place heart-shaped acts of kindness (from reading objective) and place on a three-section chart labeled:


Discuss the importance of showing kindness in all parts of your community.

ASCA: PS:A1.2 Identify values, attitudes, and beliefs

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