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Ezra Jacks Keats


  • Fun glasses (example: oversized sunglasses)
  • Goggles template to cut out, one per child.  Download here.


Peter and his dog, Willie, with Peter’s friend Archie, find a pair of motorcycle goggles. Peter and Archie are spotted by some rather dangerous looking “older boys.” One of the older boys demands the goggles. After some uncertain and rather scary moments, the boys and dog outwit the older boys and escape to the safety of Archie’s front porch. Goggles teaches a lesson that anyone can win at any given time. This story also leads into a discussion about bullying and the valuable lesson of kindness.

Character Education Focus:

  • We should look for ways to be kind.
  • Being kind makes good things happen.

Reading Objective:


  • Make predictions based on illustrations or portions of the story. As the students make their predictions, the teacher records their
           predictions on a 3 column–chart. Use symbols or word headings:
GOOD ThingsBAD ThingsWhat Happened?

In the “What Did Happen” column, mark the outcomes with a plus sign that are positive. Follow with a discussion about how the good things happened because of smart and kind choices the main characters made.


Social Studies Objectives: 

  • The learners will be chosen to wear special glasses after he/she has been spotted by the teacher demonstrating kindness. (These
           glasses may be over-sized sunglasses.)
  • The learners will make goggles to “see” kindness in our classroom or school. These glasses may then be taken home to “see” kindness
           at home and in their neighborhood. (i.e., “seeing” someone sharing a toy with a sibling, walking a dog, or picking up litter.) (Use pattern
           provided above.)

Speaking and Listening Objective:

  • The learners will list differences between being a “bully” and being kind. Use chart paper to finish these
         A bully is ______________.
         A kind person is ______________.
         A bully would ____________.
         A kind person would___________.
  • The learners will discuss what they should do if a bully picked on them. Make a word web of solutions.

Writing Objective:

  • The learners will draw and write about their favorite safe place.

ASCA A:A1.5 Identify attitudes and behaviors that lead to successful learning.

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