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Community Meeting

Hidey, Hidey, Hidey, Hi!


  • Board to draw a large “Tic-Tac-Toe” grid.
  • Question strips. Download strips here.
  • Hat (or something to place question strips)

Greeting Objective

The learners will greet each other by doing a “call and response” greeting about respect.


  • Students sit in a circle.
  • Teacher begins greeting by standing in the middle.

Use the following format:

Teacher: “Hidey, hidey, hidey, hi.”
Class: “Hidey, hidey, hidey, hi.”
Teacher: “Hidey, hidey, hidey, ho.”
Class: “Hidey, hidey, hidey, ho.”
Teacher: “One thing I’ve learned and I’d like you to know.”
Class: “One thing I’ve learned and I’d like you to know.”
Teacher: “Respect each other, there’s really nothing to it!”
Class: “Respect each other, there’s really nothing to it!”
Teacher: “Use kind words, and here’s how you do it!”
Class: “Use kind words, and here’s how you do it!”
Teacher: “Good morning, class.”
Class: “Good morning, Mrs. Sullivan.”

  • The teacher greets one student and says, “Hidey, hidey, hidey, hi Trevor,” giving each other a high five. Trevor enters the
           middle of the circle to be greeted. (Teacher stays in the middle as the leader, but students rotate in and out.)
  • Repeat chant as time permits, greeting different students at the end.

Variation: Toward the middle or end of the year, students lead the greeting.

Respect Tic-Tac-Toe

(Culmination Activity)

Engagement Objective

The learners will play Respect Tic-Tac-Toe based on questions about respectas a culmination activity.


  • The teacher will cut the question strips apart and place in hat prior to activity and display the Tic-Tac-Toe grid.
  • Students will be divided into two groups (one group “X” and one group “O”).
  • A student from group “X” will draw a question from the hat and the teacher reads the question.
  • If the student correctly answers question, they will place an “X” on the grid. If the question is answered incorrectly it is placed back
           into the hat.
  • Repeat the process for group “O.”
  • The game continues until one group gets a “Tic-Tac-Toe.”
  • Conclude by reviewing some of the important aspects of respect.


End your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

Family Connection

Send home directions for “Respect Tic-Tac-Toe” activity. Encourage families todiscuss the importance of being respectful at home, to their pets, and to the environment.

Download Letter

ASCA: Grade K, PS:A1.6 Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate behavior.

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