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Community Meeting

Show Respect Today!


  • Odakotah—Two by Two’s Kindness Mascot

Greeting Objective

The learners will greet various partners with a respectful greeting.


  • Students will form two circles. (One inner and one outer with the students from opposite circles facing each other.)
  • The students facing each other are partners.
  • After the cheer is recited, the outer circle moves one person to the left so they have a new partner.

Use the following format:

Tom: “Hello Jerry, what do you say?” (wave to partner)
Jerry: “Are you going to show respect today?” (point to partner)
Tom: “Yes, I’ll show respect today!”
Jerry: “Then clap my hands (partners clap hands together 3 times)
               And boogie on down (“boogie” down move)
               Give a little bump, (hip bump)
               And move around.” (outer circle moves one person to left)

  • This continues until everyone is greeted or time permits.

Let’s Respect Companion Animals!

Engagement Objective

The learners will discuss and carry out ways to be respectful to companion animals.


  • Everyone sits in a circle.
  • The teacher will read the definition for companion animals—“A friend and buddy with whom you share your life.”
  • Students give examples of companion animals (i.e., cats, dogs, gerbils, hamsters, fish).
  • The teacher will then ask the students, “What are different ways we can show respect to companion animals, like Odakotah?” The
           teacher explains that students can only talk if they have the kindness mascot, Odakotah. If they want to speak, they must raise their
           hand and wait for the mascot to be passed to them.
  • Students will then pass Odakotah around the circle, share their idea, and the teacher will list ideas on chart paper (i.e., shelter, food,
  • During the week or throughout the month, students demonstrate ways to show respect for a companion animal. HINT: Students may
           do this with their real pets at home or with Odakotah. (During class students could pretend to feed him, play with him, read to him,
  • Throughout different community meetings, students share how they were respectful at home and at school for companion animals,
           and put tally marks next to the list they developed as a class or add a new way to care for companion animals.
  • Conclude by emphasizing the importance of being respectful to companion animals.


End your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

Family Connection

Send home directions for the “Let’s Respect Companion Animals!” activity. Encourage families to discuss and demonstrate respectful ways to treat family pets.

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ASCA: Grade K, PS:A2.1 Recognize that everyone has rights and responsibilities.

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