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Community Meeting


Note: This Community Meeting is used best after completing Community Meeting “What Does Kindness Look Like.”

Greeting Objective

The learners will greet each other with kindness using a rhythmic beat.


  • Students sit in a circle.
  • The student being greeted walks the inner circle “high-fiving” all students while the chant is being said.

Use the following format:

Class: “2-4-6-8, Alyssa is kind and that is great! Good Morning Alyssa.”

  • Student sits down when the chant is over and that student stands for their turn.
  • Continue until everyone has been kindly greeted.


Note: This engagement activity can be used throughout the entire week.

Engagement Objective

The learners will demonstrate acts of kindness.


  • Students stand in a circle.
  • Designate one side of the room as Kindnessville.
  • Make a list of ways they can see, hear, and show kindness to all living things on a T-Chart.
  • One student will be the “mayor” of the town and their job is to show kindness to all the guests. (The “mayor” stands in Kindnessville.)
  • The “mayor” demonstrates an act of kindness from a card that has been drawn out of the “Full Bucket” from CM11.
  • Students repeat the act of kindness. New “mayor”, designated by the teacher, goes to Kindnessville and picks a new card.
  • Students continue to demonstrate acts of kindness until all students are at Kindnessville.


End your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

Family Connection

Send home the lyrics for the “Kindnessville” chant. Encourage families to demonstrate acts of kindness performed within a household.

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