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Community Meeting

Bird Greetings!


  • Odakotah Mascot
  • String or yarn (pre-cut)
  • Dry ring cereal (like Cherrios or Fruit Loops)
  • Small cups

Greeting Objective

The learners will greet each other in a kind way while taking on the characteristic of a bird.


  • Make a list of possible birds (eagle, duck, robin, cardinal, penguin, toucan, flamingo, owl, parrot, humming bird, goose, 
           swan, etc.)
  • Students will greet each other by choosing and acting like a particular bird while greeting their friend.

*Challenge: Make your greeting more personable! Have the students end their greeting with the person’s name.

The teacher begins by greeting the person on their right.

Use the following format:

Lynn: (flapping wings and saying “who who”) “Helloooooo Robbie, I’m an owl. Thank you for being kind to all living things!”

Robbie: “You’re welcome Lynn (turning to Maggie and walking like a penguin). Hello Maggie, I’m a penguin Thank you for being kind to all living things!”

Continue in this way until all have been greeted.

Be Kind To All Living Things

Engagement Objective

The learners will create bird feeders to hang in the yard, showing kindness to all living things.


  • Gather children at tables.
  • Hand out pre-cut string and a cup of the cereal.
  • Have children string the cereal through string or yarn.
  • While stringing, ask children to suggest ways to be kind to birds, all animals, and the environment.
  • When finished, tie ends together and hang outside.


End your community meetings by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

Family Connection

Send home letter entitled, “Bird Feeders”.

Download Letter

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