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Odakotah is a Kindly Friend


  • Odakotah Mascot
  • Golden Retriever Template (Copy 1 per child) - Click here to download

Greeting Objective

The learners will greet each other in a kind way while revealing what they know about dogs or Golden Retrievers (like Odakotah!).


  • Students will greet each other with a rhyme and a chance to share a dog or Golden Retriever fact.

Use the following format:

All: Odakotah, I want to welcome you! I’ll show you my kindness in everything I do!

Markus: My name is Markus and I know that Golden Retrievers like to swim.

Continue with rhyme, introduction, and fact each time until all have had a turn.

Facts About Our Kindly Friend, Odakotah

Engagement Objective

The learners will learn more about Golden Retrievers and Kindness.


  • Review facts children shared in the greeting.
  • Ask Odakotah to read the following facts:
  • Retriever means to fetch, so Golden Retrievers love to fetch and return things. That’s why they make good hunting dogs.
  • Golden Retrievers have strong bodies, a long tail and a wide head with dark eyes and their fur is either wavy or straight, but it 
         generally golden in color.
  • They make a good family dog because they are so friendly
  • They usually weigh between 50-75 pounds and live to be 10-13 years old.
  • President Ford had a Golden Retriever in the White House, named Liberty.
  • Golden Retrievers have been in the following movies: Buddy, from the movie - Air Bud; Comet, from the
         show - Full House; Enzo, in the movie - The Art of Racing in the Rain.
  • Have Odakotah ask the children why they think he makes a good kindness mascot. Write these ideas down as single works (e.g. loyal, 
           smart, strong, kind, friendly, etc.)
  • Using the Golden Retriever pattern on the backside of this card, have children cut out their pattern and copy words that came up in 


Send home letter entiled, “We Love Our Kind Mascot, Odakotah!”

Download Letter

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