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Community Meeting

Makawee Is Our Empathetic Friend!


Greeting Objective

The learners will reveal what they know about dolphins.


  • Explain to children that dolphins swim in groups, or pods, for protection.
  • Children will introduce themselves to Makawee and tell one thing they know about dolphins.

Child: Good morning, Makawee. My name is Kara. And I know that dolphins are mammals.
Makawee: Good morning, Kara. Welcome to my pod!

  • Continue until everyone has had a turn. You might consider writing down the facts children share to use later.

Who Is Makawee?

Engagement Objective

The learners will discover dolphin facts to get to know Makawee better


  • Review the facts that children already know about dolphins.
  • Hand out new facts (provided above) for children to take turns reading aloud.
  • Remind children that Makawee is the mascot of Empathy. Ask them to speculate as to why a dolphin was chosen as a mascot for Empathy. Ask them how dolphins show empathy to each other?
  • Now let children ask Makawee any question they might have.
  • Conclude by reminding children that Makawee will be their empathetic friend, and is available to listen, cuddle with, and watch them throughout the day.


End your community meeting by informing your students about the schedule of the day.

ASCA: Grade 3, PS:A2.3  Recognize, accept, respect and appreciate individual difference.

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